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The latest generation machinery base allows to make parts with dimensions even 3000x800. To create our tools we apply innovative machining centres: MAZAK VTC 800/305R, MITSUI SEIKI HU40A, MI- KRON UPC 800 DURO, MAKINO V22 – A60, RODERS RXP

Details can be made with precision accurate to 0.005. in an air-conditioned room. Such tolerances are achievable thanks to modern measuring systems. For tools measurements we apply Zoller machines, whereas the measurement of finished parts are taken by my CMM Erowa and Werth. In operations we also use EROWA palletization system. We offer steel machining using EDM (Makino) and WEDM (Agie) technologies

Process automation, specialist machine building, professional production monitoring systems are just a few of our capabilities. Tell us what you need and we will provide you with ready-to-use solutions! PCRT’s tool-room is one of the most modern on a European scale and one of the best in Poland.


Moving ahead by innovation

Tool room stands for not only machines, but also for people. Inventiveness and unconventional thinking is backed up by many unique products appreciated by our customers. For designing we use Siemens NX and Auto CAD software. We develop 3D prototype, analyze, test and improve! We design product meeting customer expectations. The process is supported with our knowledge and technical back-up facilities.



We design and implement with passion new machinery and equipment that optimize operations of businesses. At others companies’ request we implement interesting, frequently niche, or technologically complicated projects. We always look for the best solutions, ideas, service and workmanship.

Purpose: high standard overprint on PVC panels. Thanks to specialist control and software the overprint pattern can be changed at any time, without wasting one’s time and f- nancial expenses. - precise guiding of ribbon above printing heads - precise making of the attachment plate for the head accurate to 5 µm. /p>

Small structure with great capabilities.
This type of machine copies an engraved pattern on a steel roller.
Negative is placed on the roller and positive is on the skirting board

We design and manufacture complete UV rotogravure painting systems. Paint on the skirting board which is leaded through the machine at a speed of 30m/min hardens immediately. We get the final product, ready to use.

Automated raw material mixing tank enables the production of huge amounts of mixtures made pursuant to recipes. The whole construction, the way a mechanism works, the idea and manufactoring is made by our qualified engineers.

We design and make systems for monitoring manufacturing process, environmental conditions, data visualization. We can make your company more innovative.

The system we created combining precision mechanics with project specifc algorithms that we developed, allows to position strips in the piercing machine accurate to 1 mm, at very fast movement rate of the strip.

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